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8 Ways Technology Makes You Stupid

What is your take on this?

I’m convinced there are ways to use internet wisely…that doesn’t lead to stupidity. But…that wisdom needs to include great self awareness. Certainly awareness of how the brain works helps massively in knowing the best practices.

I have recently stopped flipping between devices. I used to go from one devise to the other to work effectively. Then realizing it was messing with my attention i stopped. I see improvement already after 3 months. Can listen better, better memory and attention span.

How about you?

The Importance of Eating Together

Eating together!!! I remember experiencing the deep impact it had on me. Discovering the effect of eating together, consistently. It was visiting my family in Japan that gave me the experience. And I went back for more…for both and company.

Eating together does something very healthy to the brain. We are social beings after all…our brain too is a social organism reflecting our human needs and internal composition.

Experiment…eating together, taking the time, share your 1-3 highlights of the day, or week. Do this at at least once a week, Sundays or Wednesdays doesn’t matter. Closest friends or family doesn’t matter. Just make it a priority!

Happy eating

The happy secret to better work

Chasing Success and the happiness on the other side of success? The brain never gets there… 90% of happiness is predicted by how the brain processes your world.

Dopamine turns on all learning centres in your brain…get the dopamine first then you might be successful as a result. Then no more need to chase your goals, you have arrived already! 

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