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The Importance of Eating Together

Eating together!!! I remember experiencing the deep impact it had on me. Discovering the effect of eating together, consistently. It was visiting my family in Japan that gave me the experience. And I went back for more…for both and company.

Eating together does something very healthy to the brain. We are social beings after all…our brain too is a social organism reflecting our human needs and internal composition.

Experiment…eating together, taking the time, share your 1-3 highlights of the day, or week. Do this at at least once a week, Sundays or Wednesdays doesn’t matter. Closest friends or family doesn’t matter. Just make it a priority!

Happy eating

The happy secret to better work

Chasing Success and the happiness on the other side of success? The brain never gets there… 90% of happiness is predicted by how the brain processes your world.

Dopamine turns on all learning centres in your brain…get the dopamine first then you might be successful as a result. Then no more need to chase your goals, you have arrived already! 

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