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Here’s what sleep deprivation is doing to your body

Not getting enough sleep? Just one week of sleeping fewer than six hours per night can lead to serious health issues, including the modification of over 700 genes, reports the Huffington Post on a study published in PNAS last year. Other symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation include everything from bloodshot eyes to quadrupled stroke risk. This infographic fromHuffington Post’s Alissa Scheller explains.

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Sleep…restores your brain. Work without good sleep and you might as we’ll be drunk. No sharp decisions are made after a night of drinking…same goes for nights without quality sleep.

I busted sleep for work for many years… Not a good story.

Complainers breaks your brain

Close your ears when the whiners come!

Being exposed to too much complaining can make you dumb. Research shows that exposure to 30 minutes or more of negativity peels away neurons in the brain’s hippocampus. That’s the part of your brain you need for problem solving.

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